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      1. Product

        Unique sound quality and fashionable appearance


        1, Screen: 2.8inch colorful LCD screen
        2, Case: Zinc alloy
        3, Size:  80*57*13mm, net weight: 80g
        4, Capacity: built-in 8GB flash memory, 32GB external storage
        5, Playing time: 25 hours by earphone
            Recording time: About 30-35 hours
        6, Charging time: 2 hours
        7, Battery capacity: 3.7V/750mAh
        8, Standby time: 560 days
        9, 10-15 meters distance recording
        10. Colour: Sliver/Black/Blue/Red


        1, ?Full touch Screen MP3/ MP4music Player?
        2, Support FM radio, ?Voice recording, e-book?
        3, ?Support AVI, AMV video formats
        4, Support JPEG,BMP,GIF picture formats
        5, Lyrics synchronized display
        6, Support folder switch function
        7, Stepless variable speed with constant tone
        8, Multiple EQ modes
        9, Timming shutdown
        10, Support copy function(copy files from player to TF cards)
        11, 28 languages optional?