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      1. Product

        Unique sound quality and fashionable appearance

        A15 touch button voice recorder

        A15 touch button voice recorder

        A15 touch button voice recorder


        1, Solution: ATJ 2127
        2, Screen: 1.5inch LCD screen
        3, Case: zinc alloy       
        4, Size:  mm, net weight:    g
        5, Capacity:  built-in 8GB flash memory 
        6, Recording time: about 20 hours
        7, Playing time: 9hrs by earphone
        8, Charging time: 2hrs
        9, Battery capacity: 3.7V/230mAh
        10, Standby time: 360 days
        11. 10-15 meters distance recording
        12. Colour: Silver/Black


        Voice recorder+Muisc Play+FM radio+Touch screen
        1, One key recording/saving
        2, Low power auto save recording
        3, High sensitivity stereo MIC, stereo record/output 
        4, Support A-B repeat  
        5, Low power auto save recording 
        6, Variable speed playback with constant tone
        7, Support automatically noise reduction
        8, Recording format: MP3, WAV
            Music format:MP3,WMA and all lossless music formats  
        9, Built-in loudspeaker 
        10, 28 languages optional